Being in IT for more than 12 years means a life experience starting with Novell, managed to work on NT and win98 until Windows Server2008. Also I witness the transformation of Linux from a text based O.S. to a friendly graphic interface like in ClearOS (now I did it!).

If you need a strong and self-confident person for:

- Installing/configuring OS-es like Windows, Linux or MacOS all flavours;

- Keep away viruses and other malware;

- Manage DNS, DHCP, mail servers, scheduled or manual scans, backup policy and disaster recovery;

Then you are at right place. Send e-mail to: machu@machu.ro or simply call: +40729829504 No extra fees!! But your phone company may charge you for long distance call



Just call +40729.829.504 or e-mail me: machu@machu.ro if you have hardware/software to install or configure some lost data to recover. If you cannot access your e-mail on yahoo messenger: machulpichul

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